Prayer for Healing

... and the sick, whom they lay hands on, get well. (Mark 16:18)

We also believe and may experience that today Jesus Christ still heals physical and mental suffering, just as he did when he was on earth. As it is described in the Gospel of Matthew:
There came a large crowd to Jesus. Among them were paralyzed, blind, crippled, dumb and many other sick. They were laid down at his feet, and he healed them all. (Math. 15:30)
Please contact us if you wish us to pray for you in this faith for healing, or if you would like more information!

Prayer for our Land

"When my people, through whom my name is proclaimed, humble themselves and pray, seek me, and turn from their evil ways, I hear it in heaven. I forgive his sin and bring healing to his country "(2 Chr. 7:14)

Together with others we have the vision to see God as the center of our Switzerland.

In every Swiss village, there are persons who carry the flag of their canton or city and interceed for all areas of society in the village. The bearer of the flag longs for the kingdom of God to spread to his home. He encourages this with personal prayer as well as with prayer group meetings. The flag bearers are connected through the Prayer Network of the flag bearers, both cantonal and national. This is under the direction and the roof of Prayer for Switzerland.

Interview with Christoph Linder: "We want to come together as one body":

Do you live in the canton of Lucerne? Is prayer for your city, region or land on your heart? Then please contact the cantonal flag carrier of Lucerne for further information:

Christoph Linder
gebetnoSpam@luzernNot for you!!!.ch
041 390 32 02

Prayer for our Farmers and Ranchers

You care for the whole country, make it rich and fruitful. You fill the streams and rivers with water to grow corn in abundance.
(Psalm 65:10)

Together with the Stiftung Schleife ( and many others, we have the vision to see God as the center of our farms with the associated land.

It is our concern for our wonderful country to pray for the peasantry in our region. For a long time we have been doing this for the Weggis farmers. We appreciate the intact landscape, natural and healthy food and feel that farmers are making an important contribution and are doing a great job. But we also see the critical area of agricultural policy and the challenges the peasantry is facing every day.

At several Christian "peasant conferences" in Winterthur and in various places in central Switzerland (Stans, Muri, Schüpfheim), we have heard extraordinary reports (testimonies) from peasant families about how God worked after prayer groups had formed. For example, Hallau was spared the vinegar fly nationwide in 2016 after winegrowers came together for a common prayer. This year we learned that the frost caused far less damage, where people placed their cultures under the protection of God, praying and blessing, etc. (taken from the peasants' newsletter).

It also encouraged us to pray regularly for the peasants. We pray for personal needs, needs and situations in which someone is present. You are very welcome to share this with us. Of course we treat everything confidentially and there is no other obligation attached.

But we would be very happy if you would like to attend one of our prayer meetings personally. These are informal meetings where we exchange topics and pray about topical issues. You are cordially invited.

The common peasant prayer takes place on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 19.30.

For further information or prayer requests please contact our e-mail address or phone number:

Daniel Hauser
bauerngebetnoSpam@jesus-familyNot for you!!!.ch
041 390 08 86