Physical Healing


Nach den beiden Schwangerschaften hatte ich sehr starken Haarausfall. Die Haare sind büschelweise ausgefallen! Nichts hat geholfen, es wurde immer stärker. Über die ganze Zeit empfing ich auch immer wieder Gebet. Einmal während des Gebets spürte ich wie etwas starkes von mir abfiel und ich wusste, jetzt bin ich geheilt. So war es auch tatsächlich, der Haarausfall war von einem Moment auf den anderen gestoppt.



Marriage & Family

Travelling with Jesus
After many years, thanks to the counseling of our pastor Susanna and the persistent prayer of our siblings, for the first time we were able to experience a holiday like never before! Jesus did miracles over miracles so that I could only be amazed: FINALLY we could laugh instead of "grumbling" about the other's weaknesses! And it goes on!! THANK YOU, Lord Jesus !!
(Bettina und Michael)




God on the Computer
I experience the help and grace of God very often at my workplace in a software company. If something does not work, I know that God will help just in time. Recently, a security audit took place at a customer's site where my application was put through its paces. In the run-up it did not look good, the customer was extremely nervous. In the Jesus family we prayed for it and after the audit I got the message that the inspectors were even enthusiastic! Once again I could only praise God and give thanks!